Second life for one-pipe heating system - 45% savings in energy consumption

“With the project we achieved several important results. First of all the heat consumption was reduced and the number of complaints from tenants decreased significantly. Secondly, we now have a very reliable system with a high quality of service management."

Sergey Dzyuba, deputy chief engineer at Rep-15 LLC, the local company in charge of service and administration of the buildings.

— jeudi 19 mars 2015 De Radiator Thermostats

Three buildings in Moscow prove the case

Three identical residential buildings in Moscow from 1968, each with 84 apartments, were chosen for the field test. Prior to the test, the outer walls of all three buildings had been insulated and the old windows replaced by new plastic window frames as part of the comprehensive Moscow renovation program. To be able to monitor the impact and efficiency of different systems, the three buildings were fitted with different heating installations:


- Building #1 - full installation;

- Building #2 - partial installation;

- Building #3 - no installation/reference building.


How to achieve maximum impact?

The field tests clearly show that one-pipe heating systems can achieve high performance when mounted with automatic balancing valves with thermostatic sensors, thermostatic radiator valves and a substation with weather compensation.



Clear results

The conclusion is clear and the behavior of the residents speaks for itself. Thermostatic radiator valves without pre-setting combined with automatic balancing of return temperature ensure a pleasant indoor climate, resulting in fewer complaints and increased well-being among the residents.


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